I began Bold North Pickleball with a vision to introduce others to my passions involving travel, pickleball, education, yoga, and entrepreneurship. 


As a former tennis instructor and avid player, pickleball was a natural transition. For many people, it has been a “game-changing” transformation that incorporates health, movement, improved social connections, and mental health benefits.


My mission is to promote these wellness benefits to others. As adults, we often forget that we still need time to play as we did as children. Our hectic lives often get in the way of this.


After several years in corporate work, I made a career shift to start my own business. I now operate a small travel consultancy @ and have recently launched a volunteer career coaching platform @ to aid those impacted by the current economic crisis. 


When I’m not planning my next excursion, venture, or playing Pickleball, I am usually reading, cooking, networking, teaching, or out hiking trails with my dog.