"Others should come along on this pickleball retreat because it incorporates not only pickleball, but yoga, wellness, general fitness!"

~ Renee Keller, Florida Retreat Participant

"Why should you come on a pickleball retreat? The question is, why not?! You have fun, you meet new people, you can exercise, you have people to eat dinner with, breakfast with. You get excellent instructions. All the details are very well taken care of and YOU FEEL FABULOUS!"

~ Lynne DeWet, Florida Retreat Participant

"Michael is an excellent Pickleball instructor. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and personable. He has a vast array of drills for players of all levels that are not only fun, but important for the improvement of your game." 


~ Renee Keller, Pilates Instructor, NASM Personal Trainer

"I've worked with Michael for the last couple of years...and I haven't stopped laughing yet! He's a very talented instructor and loves to see people progress in this fantastic game of Pickleball. What I appreciate even more is his kindness. He truly loves giving back to the local Communities! Thanks Michael keep up all your Good Work...Paddles Up!"

~ Tim Laurent, Owner, My Pickleball Coach

"I’ve had the pleasure to work with Michael both as my pickleball coach and as a travel business colleague. As a coach, Michael is very knowledgeable about the game and coaches with the appropriate level of skill depth and intensity for the group situation. I’ve seen players make big improvements even with only one session with Michael. He conveys that working on the fundamentals are important, but also conveys game strategy to help us become more efficient and effective players. As a travel business colleague, he works very collaboratively with me to design our group pickleball and wellness trips. We design our retreats with player development, health and fun in mind. We believe that complementing pickleball with yoga and/or other exercise is an effective way to maintain health during our retreats. We also enjoy that pickleball provides a great social outlet and is wonderful for mental health. For players who want to learn pickleball from having never played to the mid-level player, that is where Michael truly enjoys coaching and excels. I strongly encourage you to engage with Michael during one of his pickleball wellness trips!"

~ Mary Funkhouser, Founder, Journey's That Fit